MSc Business Information Systems

Not long ago, just before I went to LinuxTag 2008 in Berlin (end of May), I submitted my application for the FHNW’s “Business Information System” Master program. Last Friday, I was invited to a interview with the dean of that program taking place this Tuesday. I went there, being very unsure about my business and English language skills but everything was ok. The interview itself remembered me quite a lot of one for a job application, but that’s just a plus as I’m used to them.

So, during the interview I was told that even though I have no certification/diploma on my skills of the English language, I’m speaking it well enough in order to attend the lessons, which are all given in English. I still hope, I can – as a side-effect – improve my English steadily throughout the studies.

At the end of the interview, I was told that I most probably will get notice about being accepted or not at the end of next week. But since there’s over 30 applicants to check it might take a little longer in the worst case. Therefore, it’s been an even bigger surprise to find a letter from that school mailbox when I came home today!

So, the letter reads: “… We are pleased to inform you that you have been awarded a place on the new Master of Science in Business Information Systems programme, which will start on the 16th September 2008. …”

I’m in! A student again, pretty soon – less than 2 years after receiving my first degree. And I’ll be a student for at least 2.5 years since I’ll join the program in part-time only, leaving me time to work (and earn money) for about 80% (and 100% during term breaks). This also means, that I’ll study on one weekday plus Saturday morning. Plus self study, anyway.

Since I graduated on a program featuring mostly computer science and only a little business economics, I’ll have to fetch up a little. According to the dean I need some more knowledge in “process management”. Therefore, he recommended a book (available in both, English and German) to study before the semester begins. Well, the book has 700 pages – I can only hope I know much of it already or that will be a though task. Oh, I’ll have to take (and pass) an exam on this subject too.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to have the possibility to improve my business skills while not leaving the computer science completely behind. It’s always been one of my passions to learn more. In my eyes, studying’s one of the best ways to learn a lot.

Unfortunately, this will cut of quite a lot of my free time – not that I had too much of it yet. It’s very likely that this will have consequences on my commitment for Fedora, too. We’ll see…

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